Privacy + Accountability

Your members deserve more than just a small measure of accountability. They deserve measurably reliable identities of others, they deserve privacy for themselves, and they deserve relief from password proliferation.

The credential provided by you to your users will become their universal identity credential. We do all the work, you get the credit. And they'll have the security of a digital identity certificate, blocking phishing sites that steal identities.

Like your paper birth certificate, a digital identity certificate consists of public authority attesting to identity claims. And as your paper birth certificate is used infrequently to generate other IDs that don't disclose as much personal information, so it is with a well-designed digital identity certificate system.

Our digital IDs work like your car's license plate: it makes you accountable, but others don't get to know your identity unless something happens that requires you to disclose it.

Let's go through a demonstration of our simplest enrollment procedure.